Photoshop Brushes

Information on where to put/install the brushes etc.

Where to "Install" your brushes:
   Ok, I figured not that many people would know where aboots you put the brushes in order to be able to use them in Photoshop. When you have the brush wot you need to do is open up "My computer" and the go to "Program Files". In Program Files there should be a folder saying "Adobe" go into that and then into "Photoshop (wotever version yours is e.g. mine is 7.0)".
Now there should be a folder labelled "Presets" go there and then to "Brushes" and finally "Adobe Photoshop Only" and just paste the folder in there (Mine aren't zipped but just incase you ever get any that are make sure they are unzipped and it's just the .abr file present and nothing else :) )
And Done. ^__^
Loading Your Brushes:
   To be able to actually select your brush and use it in photoshop you have to do a couple of things.
1. Go into Photoshop and then click on the paintbrush icon.
2. Next click the tab where you select different brushes and then the little arrow across from "Max Diameter"
3. Then click "Load Brushes" and select it from the list (It should have opened you up to the folder "Adobe Photoshop Only" where you saved it (See "Where to "Install" your brushes" to find out how to get there)
Then it should be there for you :)
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