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Ok. Here are the brushes. Feel free to download but please remember the linking 'rule'
-Sparkles Set
-Swirl Border 2 Set
-Water-Orb-Blood Set...
List of Brushes as of 23/05/05
 - Swirl Border Set
 - Ice-Glass
 - Leaves
 - Scattered Leaves (Special Random brushes)* 
 - Butterflies (Again S.R. Brushes)
 - Lightning Set.
 - Feathers Set
* Means it forms random patterns of one thing like a butterfly and various the colour you've chosen. See the "Maple Scattered" and "Grass" Brushes in Photoshop to see wot I mean. Or download mine ;)

Swirl Border Set
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A set of 10 brushes. 6 potrayed in the images above.

Swirl Border Set

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One brush but use white to get ice and grey or black for a glass look.


Leaves Brush
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As you can see a set of 16 brushes. Colours used for each brush beside each set of four.

Leaves Brush Set

Leave Scatterings
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A set of two brushes that produce the above in aboot 2-3 clicks. Scatter brushes. You'll have to use it to see wot i mean if you don't know already :)

Scattered Leaves Brush Set

Butterflies and Lightning
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Unusual combination... but I liked it. The quote "Have you ever been kissed by lightning" is a line from the Wiz' song in the musical "The Wiz". It's been stuck in my head so voila.
Butterfly Set has 2 brushes.
Lightning Set has 6 brushes for the time being. No doubt more will be added soon :)

Butterfly Brush Set

Lightning Brush Set

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A set of 2 brushes. One is a scatter brush (The Green and Yellows) and then the other one is a single feather (The White).
I love ScatterBrushes :)
Not completely done. I'm thinking of adding more of the single feathers like in the Leaves.


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Set of 2 brushes which are the two different types of sparkles shown that I use in my own iamge.... a lot =D
Border up the top of the icture is available in a 12 brush set below =)

Sparkles Brush Set

Swirl Border Set 2
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Set of 12 brushes: 4 directional solid coloured swirls, 4 directional "cloud" coloured swirls (lots of different tones) and 4 directional "semi-transparent" Brushes.
Note: Only Solid and Cloudy featured in image.

Swirl Border Set 2

Water and Blood and Orb Set
Please click to view properly

Strange set of brushes, I know, but The blood one and the rest happened by accident when I was experiementing with the Orbs... So now we have these extra pretty brushes =)
A set of 5 brushes portrayed in the Image above. Please click on it to open it in a new window so you can see it properly ;)

Water-Blood-Orb Brush Set

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